Newest installation

The latest installation is up at the New Children’s Museum – come see it before it’s gone!

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Complete at last!




Thanks again to San Diego Foundation and New Children’s Museum for their generous support throughout this creative process.

Wind Vessel is an ongoing project – check it out periodically as we update it with new surprises! The themes will stay true to the research and educational heart of the project – there’s so much left for us to explore!

Latest Workshop at the Studio

A small group of students from Monarch School, in coordination with the New Children’s Museum, paid the studio a visit today – and the subject of discussion was wind power!

Miki Iwasaki gave a brief introduction to the technology behind his installation Wind Vessel that is set to open at the New Children’s Museum May 22nd. After that, the students were encouraged to explore and create their own blade designs to be tested out in an exercise focused the application of wind power.








Meet the Artist Event

The San Diego Foundation is hosting a “Meet the Artist Event” featuring some of the grant recipients of its Creative Catalyst program. The talk features four local artists and projects, including Miki Iwasaki’s Wind Vessel (previously titled Cumulus Clouds). The talk’s theme is: Intersections of Culture, Fusions of Form.

Please join us at The San Diego Foundation in the Hoffman Room at 2508 Historic Decatur Road this Thursday, April 17th 2014 from 5-7pm.

For more information about the featured artists and future events, please click HERE.